A great poem is a complex machinery that works perfectly with words.

Language is always the centerpiece of my exploration, either in the first conception of a verse, in the printout of a poetry book or in a digital media of any kind, because I think that the poem should be a universe sustaining by itself only with words. 

The poetic forms are not as we know it by now. They remain marginal but they are taking to its extreme.

My artistic practice takes the process of writing a poem to the extreme by making non-traditional and unconventional poetic expressions.

The poem is a programming language, is a hypermedia environment, is a meme that can make popular in the Internet.

I believe in technological poetics. I believe in the poem as an algorithm. I seek a device poem that circulates and can be consumed in multiple readings. I want to pass from the text to hypertext. I want to pass from the hypertext to hypermedia. Poetry + (electronic) new media = POETronicA.

Internet emerges as a poetīs vivendi and Poetry  is no longer a Tradition as we have dreamed it for centuries: it is ExPoetry now and is in the the Web as a generic top-level domain: it is a domain with .net extension.

As a poet, I write with electronic media. As a multimedia writer, I make poems. I am a multimedia poet.

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